Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something old...

When FMIL visited for Valentine's Day 2010, she presented me with her mother's Bride's Magazine Summer issue from 1941. The magazine hadn't seen the light of day in decades. Sadly, Mr. P's grandmother passed shortly after our engagement in November 2009. The magazine was found when she and her sister were sorting through her things with their father. And it disappeared soon after - before anyone could look at it! FMIL thought it was gone for good. She asked after it and her father said he knew where it was and had a plan for it. She chalked it up to forgetfulness. Until... he produced it some months later explaining he had tucked it away for the new bride (omg, that's me) and instructed her to pass it on.

I was afraid to touch the envelope and magazine without white gloves to keep oils off the 70 year old pages. Instead of socializing with Mr. P and everyone else, I discretely spun my chair around to look at the pages in private. What a relic! A calla lily from her bridal bouquet was pressed between the pages. "That flower is way older than me..." I couldn't believe what I was holding. Instant family heirloom.

Less talky, more pictures.

My, oh my. How things have changed.

She looks like an angel. (Check out those sleeve cut-outs!)

Shoulder pads and lace: is this the 80's?

Heart me some swiss dot!

Cascading bouquets and illusion necklines

Parasols - what was old is new again!

Assuredly, not what this June bride will be wearing!

(all personal photos, courtesy of Brides Magazine)

Did you receive an unexpected "something old" during your engagement?

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