Friday, September 24, 2010

Color duel

I’m a green girl. Celadon, moss, jade, kelly, verdis gris... The largest section of my closet and jewelry collection is devoted to this color. The emerald is my favorite gemstone and diamond cut. British racing green on an old Jag – be still my heart.

swatches via 100 Layer Cake

But it wasn’t always my favorite! The chromatic shift started in my mid-20’s. My old standby, blue, became less appealing as I gravitated toward new green. It’s fresh, full of energy yet calming and a chameleon with tremendous range. (In fact, the human eye is capable of differentiating more shades of green than any other color. Green wavelengths between 507-555 nanometers coincide with the most sensitive visual perception of the eye. Maybe I should've warned you I was about to go geeky on you.)


It’s a natural (hah!) choice for utilizing in our wedding. I was all about green for bridesmaid dresses… until we found our venue and set a date. Our summer garden wedding is already filled with so much green that a grass green-clad ‘maid would disappear into the foliage. After discussing with level-headed BM R, we scrapped green as a leading lady.

But what to replace it with? Here comes the sun... yellow!

Pantone color of the year 2009: 14-0848 Mimosa

It’s an energetic, eye-catching, fun-lovin’ shade with a personality to match the whimsical and sweet shindig we’re planning. It will look great with both girls’ summer tans and it won’t fade into the greenery during photographs. All the ladies, including the mothers, are excited about this color. And I can't help humming "Mellow Yellow" every time I think of it. (Does anyone else remember this Gap ad?)

What color will you feature the most in your wedding? Did you deviate from your original choice?

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