Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Edgy, art museum explored

For those of you keeping track, we've visited three venues already. Because our industry has a seasonal slow down after the holidays, our January-March weekends are full of blissful free time. We decided to use our time wisely and pop into a venue last minute.

The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art downtown near the developing riverfront. The views outside the building are nothing spectacular - half-complete construction sites, parking lots and vacant land. Wintertime doesn't help. However, we are not interested in the exterior here. The DCCA's urban contemporary facade with corrugated metal and exposed beams hints at what's inside.

The main space is a two-story vaulted ceiling of exposed girders, conduit, and corrugated metal with four vertical I-beam columns in the center delineating a natural dance floor. A metal-clad wall would make for an interesting backdrop. If we're looking for raw, artistic space... we've found it.


Pretty much the same angle. It's hard to visualize the raw space set up for a wedding, so I dug up this photo.

Dining area by the entrance could be used for additional seating. The floor to ceiling windows are lovely. (New construction visible out the window.)

The best part of the DCCA is the gallery space. An ever-changing collection of 3-D installations, sculpture, photos, paintings and digital media provide an artsy backdrop for our event.

Terrain was on exhibit while we were there.

We loved two of the 3-D exhibits and got excited thinking of our guests interacting with the them. Well, maybe interacting a little too much. (A $1M insurance policy was a requirement, which costs a couple hundred dollars.) As awesome as the DDCA was, it's just not what we're looking for as a wedding venue. Great for a party or even visiting frequently... but too raw of a space and not romantic enough.

(all personal photos unless otherwise noted)

Did you use an art museum or equally raw space for the venue? What were your challenges?

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