Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Garden of Lust

Does this ever happen to you? You see a store that you're dying to check out, but never get around to it? Well, I finally did it. While we were pre-registering, I begged to peek into the trendy nursery around the corner: Terrain @ Styer's. Styer's was/is a legendary local gardener's resource for years and was recently purchased by Urban Outfitters so the grounds, shop and cafe have a very liberal sprinkling of Anthropologie style. Which just happens to be the look we're going for on our June day.

(allium, fiddlehead fern and mikado)

Lots of design inspiration! Giant blooms of allium, moss and fern terrariums, orchids galore and mounds of succulents. Can I live here, please? Serious garden lust. The design of our florals will be a project, but one I'm willing to take on. I'll need an open-minded, forward-thinking florist on the cheap. Terrain doesn't offer floral design for events (sad face) but even if they did, they'd be beyond our budget... consider the site rental fee of their cafe starts at $6,500 and food is not included. Not. In. My. Budget.

(driftwood sculpture and huge canvas lanterns)
(all personal photos)

But walking the grounds is free so I'll continue to do it!

Where do you draw floral inspiration from?

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