Friday, September 3, 2010

Venues, meet GoogleDocs.

When we're not touring venues, I'm keeping track of the misc data in a spreadsheet so we're better able to compare them. Because that's what I do... organize and plan. Thanks Google Docs!

Initially, Winterthur seemed like an outrageous option, but when it was broken down into what you get for the money, quality of service and reputation, it surpasses the cheaper options (at less desirable locations). Really need to crack down on the budget and guest list. Hoping that the hold-up with my folks is just them waiting to see the average costs of other sites before deciding.

A handful of venues still need to get back to us with costs, inclusions and restrictions. It will be the fastest way to rule out a site without a visit, which is smart when you consider this is the girl that brainstormed a 60+ venue list. Because we are open minded to a variety of venues, I feel strongly about giving each category a fighting chance. Categories you say? Possible venues range from chic & swanky (Center City [Philly] hotels), quirky (art galleries & history museums), elegant (historic estates) and outdoor (arboretums, nature preserves & more). How the heck am will I begin to narrow it down?! The plan is to collaboratively draft subsequent lists of three venues until we find one that makes our hearts sing.

We've also been skimming over photography. Actually, I'm immersed in it. It is my #1 priority after we secure a venue (and a date). Mr. P is beginning to ask questions about cost, packages and specific studios. There's a spreadsheet similar to the venue one for photographers so I can keep the tidbits of info gathering in a central location. During commercial breaks, I've shown him online albums to get an idea of what he is looking for and bookmarking our favorite photographers. Cannot wait to start interviewing and meeting with photographers!

(All personal photos unless otherwise noted.)

What criteria did you use in selecting venues to visit?

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