Friday, September 10, 2010

Bachelorette at the Beach

Not mine! Don't freak out - we haven't moved up the date or have plans to elope. Friends of ours are getting married in less than a month and this weekend is the low-key bachelorette getaway. Mr. P is skeptical it won't stay low-key for long, given we're headed to Dewey Beach... How much trouble could we conceivably get into? (Don't answer that.)

(personal photo)

A quick search turned up a guide to Dewey bachelorette parties, which cannot begin convey the Dewey debauchery we've witnessed in summers past. Maybe those descriptive articles and photos are better left offline. Bridesmaid R is in charge of the itinerary and assures us it will be tame. Think daytime on the beach followed by a night out and a greasy pizza at 1 am.

See you on Monday!
Photo update (courtesy of bachelorette attendee A):

Afternoon on the beach & accidental black & white fashion @ Starboard (BM R, me & the bride-to-be)

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