Monday, September 27, 2010

Blue laws and bridal stores

Every time we're in north Jersey visiting family, we drive past so many stores I'd love to go into. But they're always closed! WTH?! Because of the county's blue laws, retail establishments selling non-perishables are not permitted open on Sundays. Well, that is really inconvenient for this out-of-town shopper! I'll look forlornly at my favorite furniture and home goods stores, parking lots empty. But recently I've noticed bridal stores whizzing past. Let's stop there instead!


Lucky me when a Saturday morning opportunity presented itself. Next to the Container Store was Bijou Bridal. That's just cruel, making me choose between those two stores! The boys took off in search of manly pursuits (later identified as a 30 minute drive to White Manna for sliders, which Mr. P still maintains is "so frickin' worth it"). FMIL and I wandered into Bijou. I was looking especially lovely: no make-up, no shower and jeans. I'm going to repeat for comedic effect. It's a north Jersey bridal salon and I look like I've been running errands (true). Great. I'm sure they were relieved when I asked to just browse.

Upstairs at Bijou

We split up to divide and conquer the second floor. When she found one I had to see, it always turned out to be one I was going to show her. She's got my style down! We gravitated toward the racks of Paloma Blanca, Enzoani and Justin Alexander. The dresses were pretty but nothing I couldn't find back home. It wasn't until the wrap-up convo with the sales manager when a gown caught my eye. Distracted to the point of being rude, I kept looking over her shoulder until I had to excuse myself to go look at the mannequin.

Lace, you're making a liar out of me.

The dress, while lacey, was eye-catching. It featured an all-over lace applique in a strapless, slim A-line silhouette with a sweep train. The appliques were the size of my palm with openings that revealed the nude slip. (Sales lady: You don't even need the slip; the appliques are strategically placed. What?! She didn't just say that!) Edges of the lace poked above the neckline, giving it a jagged, artistic element that I look for. It came with a matching mantilla veil trimmed in the same lace applique, which made for a bold statement. (A little too much for me.)

We left the store bewildered by my fascination with a LACE dress but excited to have seen something so unique. The dress haunted me for 3 days. I couldn't find it online despite my best super-sleuthing. The ladies in the NJ store did say I could stop by their new Philadelphia store to try on gowns... Well, that settled it. I'd see if they had the gown and could just tell me the designer - put me out of my misery. The gal on the other end knew exactly what gown it was and confessed it was a staff favorite for its rare design. Before I knew it, we'd scheduled a Saturday appointment to try on gowns with the lace dress being driven down from NJ just for me. Love!

So who makes this mystery gown? St. Pucchi - Avine Perucci #440. Quickly found it online... and also the "$$$$" next to the description. In my mind, I assigned $1k for every dollar sign. Crap.

Okay, so I'm not the only one who made this mistake. What was your "Only if I win the lottery" gown? Did you buy it??

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