Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yet another venue visit. Today we me the event coordinator at Bellevue for a tour of the mansion. This venue is much closer to what we're looking for: beautiful grounds, outdoor space for a ceremony and dinner plus a gorgeous interior.

Main foyer

Bellevue is an historic colonial mansion (modeled after Montpelier) with a butter yellow stucco facade. Absolutely perfect in vision but would require some tweaking to work for us. Our wedding guests would be divided into two dining rooms (70 & 30) on opposite sides of the venue with food, bar and dancing in completely separate rooms. Doesn't really jive with our vision of everyone together...

Try and squeeze 70 into this room...

Dancing in a completely separate room down the hall

The other option to get everyone under one roof is to tent the portico/patio (my choice as it's surrounded by hydrangeas) or the front patio. Tenting would run $1,200-1,600 for the basic tent. Mr. P felt the additional charges (tent bucket $35/each and pole sleeves) were excessive. In his words, "It's a bucket."


Loving the venue and historic touches but logistically a nightmare for coordinating vendors (no on-site services) and celebrating with everyone.

(all personal photos unless otherwise noted)

How many venues did you visit before you found the one?

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