Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

In the middle of winter's many snowstorms, we hosted a Valentine's dinner for four of our friends. Four bottles of red wine, Sauternes, port, cherry lambic and miscellaneous beer flowed freely while we noshed on a sizable beef tenderloin, roasted veggies, antipasta, caesar salad plus a chocolate layer cake with hazelnut brittle for dessert.

Mmmm, appetizers.

Wine decanting with tasting notes.
I get a little carried away.


The next day, Mr. P's mom invited us up for a drink and hanging out with her friends at the Westin in Center City. We met up at the Lobby Bar for drinks before dinner. It's a beautiful hotel that's just undergone a Hollywood Regency-style renovation and has a swanky city location in the base of the Liberty Place skyscrapers.

One Liberty Place

(Lobby Bar @ The Westin)

Its understated elegance is appealing. Regrettably, I only had my iPhone, which does not make for good documentation.

Lounge - loving the taffeta and velvet curtains!

Hello, awesomely patterned marble floors.

Mr. P and I wandered around the main floor, down the corridors with windows overlooking the Liberty Place rotunda...

(Borrowed from my 2003 Senior Design Show album)

... and snuck into the ballrooms.

If we were planning a Philly or ballroom wedding, this hotel would be a top pick. With prices starting at $140/person plus 37% in tax and service charges, I can honestly say it wouldn't have been within any fantasy budget I could have dreamed up.

Before dinner, his mom showed us her guest suite and made a big deal out of grabbing something special from the room. That something turned out to be a wedding-related surprise... which deserves its own post. Sorry for the tease! (Click here to skip the tease.)

(all personal photos unless otherwise noted)

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