Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday dinner at Terrain

I'm loving the crayon candles. It looks like I'm five.
(Better than Swiss cheesing the top of the cake with 29 candles.)

We dined at Terrain last night for my real birthday dinner. (More details on our super-tasty BYOB wine here.) A month ago, I heard they would be participating in the Main Line Restaurant Week and suggested to Mr. P that we go with friends. And it fell on the week of my birthday! What a coincidence... Weeks passed without further discussion and I forgot I even mentioned it until he became secretive about our restaurant reservation. Secretly, I hoped that's where we were headed.

He had to put up with the giddy grin plastered on my face for the first half hour of dinner. Snapped lots of photos of the restaurant steeped in ambiance, the multi-course dinner and my dinner companion.

See how excited I get over the prospect of sugar??
Waiting for him to put the camera down because I have *plans* for this cake

It was a fantastic evening capped off with me face-diving into my chocolate birthday cake, much in the same way a gleeful toddler would (see below).

First birthday - 1983:

(all personal photos)

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