Thursday, December 16, 2010

5 Gold Rings -- gold, really?

Once I had settled on a ring design and placed the custom order, all we had to do was wait. It only took a few weeks to get the call. The proof was ready. However, there was a mix-up with the order. Oh no! My stomach flip-flopped before Mr. P could finish his sentence. Mr. P grabbed me by the shoulders before I could start worrying and explained it was good news. Instead of creating a wax mold, the company skipped right to casting it in white gold. So you're telling me I don't have to imagine what this green wax mold will look like when it's actually a ring? That is good news.

It was so cold and blustery, but I insisted on snapping a picture. Documenting the process. Sweet Mr. P waiting by the doors, "You can get one on the way out."
Since the ring is made from a blank, it is not polished and the button (metal on the bottom of band) hasn't been filed down. The thickness of the band surprised me, but Joel said not to worry, it's easy enough to thin out.

Turning it over, here's the top of the crossover band. But something's off. Can you find it?

If you look closely, there aren't any stones... yet. Enough examining - I was anxious to see it against my engagement ring!

Perfect fit! The band snugs right against the shank of the e-ring and the angled bands work well together. But there was a snag. Our jeweler wasn't confident that the ring could be cast in palladium without issues (porosity, quality of cast, losing stones, etc). Keeping the metals the same was a sticking point for me, but after hearing the arguments against palladium, it didn't make sense to force it. The thought of losing diamonds makes me feel ill. Yes, re-plating it in rhodium every few years isn't ideal but it's better than the band breaking.

Now that I was on board with my band, Mr. P revisited his options. He asked to try on a plain yellow gold band, confessing he was warming to the idea of a traditional ring with timeless appeal. So we gave it a whirl. He likes it. His preference is the 5mm band because anything bigger "just feels too married." (He's kidding.)

(all personal photos)

It's his ring, his choice. I want him to be happy with it, proud to wear it and have a comfortable fit. We couldn't compare his two rings side-by-side (the modern sample had sold) so he'll have some thinking to do. No hurry as we're months away from that decision.

Are your engagement and wedding rings two different metals? Have you had any issues? Did your fiance go for a traditional or contemporary band?

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  1. Very nice! My FI is probably going to go with something more contemporary. He's not a traditional guy.