Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress: The Color Reveal

The bridesmaid dresses arrived a few weeks ago and I am just now getting around to picking them up. To explain, the shop is 45 minutes away and the weeks leading up to the holidays have been a bit, ahem, hectic. I also wanted my local bridesmaid, BM R, to join me. She's a wedding expert and my advocate when I'm being too polite... so if the dress, color or something else was not as ordered, all would be fixed.

*Tangent Warning*

While the dresses were retrieved from the lower level, BM R and I browsed the bridal gowns. (You won't mind the distraction, will you?)

Mmmm, texture.

One of the window displays had a gorgeous ethereal gown that floated out into vertical layers. I motioned BM R over and whispered, "This is why they tell you NOT to look at dresses after you buy yours."


Another mannequin had a tulle skirt so large the diameter must have been nearly 8 feet - impressive and delicate. This grand gown was right up R's alley (see background in photo below).

There was a whole rack of new-to-me gowns that bore a striking resemblance to Vera Wang gowns. Then I looked up at the sign. Vera Wang. Oh. I feel daft. (When did this partnership happen?! (I'm on the email list and semi-stalk bridal gowns - still. All I could find was the partnership with Priscilla's parent company, David's Bridal (ugh), and new collection for release in 2011. It makes sense PoB would become a retailer for Vera gowns.)

*End Tangent*

Bridesmaid gowns arrive. We lift the plastic wrap to peek at the color.

Me: Wow, it's really yellow. (Was I expecting blue? Hellooo.) Nervous glance at BM R. You okay with this color?
R: Yup.
Me: You sure? Because... it's not like we can change our minds.

Front and back

Detail shot of the bodice folds and crinkle chiffon texture

All joking aside, the color is on point. Exactly what I was hoping for. Not too pale (a concern) and the hue doesn't veer into mustard, yellow-orange or yellow-green territory. It will look fantastic with their golden summer tans.

But before we left the salon, I couldn't resist doing one more thing...

Were you satisfied with the colors of your bridesmaid gowns? Did your crew wear the same color or mix it up?

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