Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Round and round we go

Unable to track down a two-band crossover ring, our jeweler decided a custom band was in order. My eyes must have bugged out when he broke the news because he was soon reassuring us it would actually be slightly cheaper than the other bands I'd liked. How is that possible?

To make our trip worthwhile, Joel pulled out a ring that simulated the crossover design that would be the basis of the custom band. Cover the two parallel bands and you've got it.


The plan is to create a wax mold for approval then cast it in palladium. Keeping the same metal for my e-ring and band is a priority. I don't want to re-coat a white gold ring (every few years and have no idea how much it costs). However, Joel explained that casting a ring in palladium can present problems...

Were any of your rings custom creations? Do your metals match?

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