Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rock me, baby

Inspired by last week's ring about metals and rocks, I thought I'd share a little gem with you. Growing up, I collected things. I was the kid who'd come home from a walk with my pockets filled with treasures, hands carrying what wouldn't fit elsewhere. Leaves, wildflowers, seed pods, rocks... if it was a found object, I loved it.

Once I was old enough to receive an allowance, the collections turned a little more material. Postcards from our travels, pencils/erasers to trade with the other girls, an embarrassing but thankfully short-lived troll doll phase, etc. But there is one collection that has remained close to my heart for 20+ years.

Rocks. Yes, I collected rocks. Rocks and gemstones. Found and store-bought. (God, I must have been a slow walker... always studying the ground for unusual specimens.) On my last trip to WV, I brought the rock collection home.

(Unfortunately for Mr. P, just one of my boxes. Also, note the cotton batting and labels. Apparently, this was something I took very seriously.)

If you were wondering how committed I am to exposing my dorky side, here you go...

Some of my favorites:
Tiger eye

Hematite (say hi to the camera!)



Citrine & Amethyst geodes


Iron pyrite

Gypsum rose

Obsidian & snowflake obsidian

Given my interests in rocks and dinosaurs, it's not surprising I harbored fantasies of growing up to be a geologist or paleontologist. Geology 101 enthralled me. And when I saw an emerald dig featured on tv, I wanted to go too (and still think it'd be a fun? trip).

I'd like to incorporate some of our quirks into the wedding. Maybe pieces of our childhood will resurface as themed table names?

I couldn't resist posting this sweet "found" rock with a heart at the core. I've been holding onto it since 3rd grade.

Did you have any interesting hobbies or collections as a kid? (And what's your birthstone?)


  1. I "collected" rocks but nothing as cool as the ones you have. A photo collage of the rocks and their names would be awesome. I really like the pictures too.

  2. I use to collect rocks too!! They are really pretty!