Monday, December 6, 2010

Cake Take Two

One of the bakers under consideration is Papa's Pastry Shop - our neighborhood pastry tasty. They're our go-to store for birthday cakes, cookies (pignoli!) and more. It all started when Mr. P brought home their chocolate cake for my birthday in 2006.

Then we brought one of their Italian Rum cakes to north Jersey for a family function. When the family (chefs and persnickety folks) raved about it, we knew it wasn't just us that had fallen in love with the cakes. Pretty soon, we were picking up cakes for every birthday.

This is a delicious carrot cake is studded with walnuts and coated in cream cheese frosting. I'm salivating just thinking about that cake.

And this "tiny" raspberry cake I picked up on a whim, not too long after the rotten cherry cake... possibly for tastebud redemption.

all personal (iPhone) photos

While we love our neighborhood bakery, the flavors and style aren't weddingy enough. Even our favorite flavor, Italian Rum, is a little too rustic for what we want. The good news is any of them would make wonderful shower cakes. Who says you can't spread the cake-love to more than one bakery?

Do you have a favorite neighborhood bakery? Would you use them for your wedding?


  1. Hi! June bride here, came over from weddingbee. Those cakes look very tasty.

    We are planning to have pie instead of cake but we haven't decided on a bakery yet. I'm looking forward to some tastings!

  2. The tastings are the best part! I think we're going to schedule a second tasting because we didn't sample any of the chocolate flavors.