Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lights, camera, action! Lights... lights??

Guess what I overlooked? Yep, lighting.

My lightbulb moment came this afternoon as I was running down our list of vendors. It's an easy thing to overlook. DJs or tent companies are the usual suspects. For our reception, there is no tent company as the tent comes with the venue. Our DJ can provide uplighting or dance lighting (No thank you, we don't want Mr. P to start rave dancing. I'm looking at you Mr. P!). But what about overhead lighting?

It's not like I haven't thought about what we'd like. Here's some of my inspiration images for inside our tent.

Love the cluster of lanterns:
source: left & right

Mix in some color and texture (you know me). Group them on the ground.

source: left & right

Subtle color vs. bold color
source: left & right

Mr. P had made it his personal mission to find lighting vendors. Apparently, this is an underserved sector of our local wedding market as only musicians seems to offer lighting in a package. Tent vendors, you're missing out!

We remembered our venue coordinator mentioned a lighting-only vendor who has worked at the mansion before. I think he's next on our list of people to contact. Unless, we go the crazy route and install them ourselves on Friday morning/afternoon. Before our rehearsal. With all our spare time. Because we're nuts.

Did you DIY your lights or hire a company to set up your vision?


  1. we went with the tissue paper poms and skipped lighting and it looked great!

  2. Wow that seems like a tough technical problem. Our reception is inside so fortunately we don't have to deal with this.

    Maybe you've already seen this but here is a post about DIY lighting.

  3. Jacin: how long did it take you to make the poms? any particular template you'd recommend?
    Elaine: you are a godsend for digging up that link! thank you