Friday, December 31, 2010

Raise a glass...

... to 2010! It's is almost gone, much like a good glass of bubbly. For those of you with gift registries on the brain, here's a round-up of champagne glasses to suit everyone's taste (be it extra brut, sec, doux or somewhere in between).

Classic: Schott Zwiesel - 2 for $78
Minimalist: Verve - 9.95
Modern: Edge - 8.95

Iconic: Inside Out - 2 for $65
Artsy: Rippled - $14
Quirky: Captured Silverware - $228
(no longer available, really?)

Whimsical & Preppy: kate spade "Larabee Dot" - $35
Art Deco: Lalique "Faucet" - $148.50
(because when you're paying 100+, the 50 cents really matters)
Floral/Romantic: Platinum Petals - $14

Clumsy: Stemless - 6 for $40

Glamorous: Gold - 2 for $68, sold out (available in turquoise)
Chic: Black - 6 for $31.99
Off-beat: Uncommon Goods - $50 (out of stock)


Badass: Flames - 2 for $54.99

Which glass would you toast with?


  1. Probably the classic one but the artsy one makes me swoon.

  2. We registered for those edge flutes that are crate and barrel :) We have received 6 of them so far and we LOVE them!!!

  3. I like the Edge too and thought he'd be on board with registering for them... but was quickly corrected that he likes the classic style because it is tulip shaped ("which is the proper shape to retain bubbles..."). They pick the oddest things to have staunch opinions on!