Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another kind of PWC

Not long after ordering my dream gown, I had an idea. An idea that wormed its way into my brain and wouldn't dislodge. Considering my guilt over the money invested in it and obsession with it, it would be a damn shame not to wear my lovely again. So I would.

But how? Not again as a wedding dress. You only get married once. (Well...) Not for a trash the dress shoot.


I couldn't do that to her.

But maybe a "chop the dress" session... ? Make it a mini! Instead of a hair post-wedding chop, aka PWC, do it for the dress. (This scenario would only apply if I could/would not sell it.) Oooo, it could even be dyed. Sacrilege, right?

I'm putting down the scissors because there's no need such drastic measures now! Parading out of Priscilla's newest collection is a lovely mini gown with all the textured whimsy I fell in love with in my gown. Meet Bruges!


Won't someone please wear this dress? I can't wear it. It's too similar to my gown even if a "reception dress" pulled double-duty at the wedding and after-party. And now I'm back to my original pickle: if I can't re-sell it, how to wear it again.

Would you wear your dress again?


  1. I plan to put it on randomly and watch wedding movies while the hubs is out with friends. I plan to put it on spontaneously and have a candlelight dinner in the backyard with the hubs. At least for the first year I'll be wearing that dress again.

  2. Ooo, good ideas! You should have those candlelight dinners on your month-iversaries.

  3. Neat, I've never heard of anyone doing this! I'm not really a dress person, so I doubt I'd wear the mini version, anyways. I plan on donating mine to Brides Against Breast Cancer. It would be so fun to see your before and after dress shots, though! :-)