Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wanna get away?

I can think of no better time to dream of a tropical getaway than in the middle of yet another January snowstorm. The snow is just pouring down but our thoughts are on planning the honeymoon.

When Mr. P asked what sort of trip I wanted to take, my only requirement was "warm and beachy." After the stress and exhaustion of planning and hosting a wedding, I don't think we'll be game for anything more strenuous than reaching for margaritas and guacamole.

Warm and beachy is a good place to start. Our ideal destination wouldn't take more than 6 hours to reach and the airfare shouldn't eat into the room and board budget too much. Ideally... There are a handful of destinations below for which we may be willing to bend the rules a bit. Without further delay, I present the "Could you be our honeymoon?" contestants:

Anguilla - Simply sand, sun and surf
Best beaches, upscale laid-back vibe, food
7 hour flight from NYC ($750)

Belize - Adventure awaits (source: 1 & 2)
Beaches, adventure (jungles, ruins, cave tubing), culture & authenticity
5 hour flight from NYC ($580)

British Virgin Islands (BVI) - Boater's delight
Beaches, sailing, natural beauty & culture
4.5 hour flight from NYC ($599)

Fiji - Polynesian Paradise
Beaches, seclusion, exotic & adventure
16 hour flight from NYC ($1,400)

French Polynesia - South Pacific Splendor
Beaches, culture, exotic & seclusion
14 hours from NYC ($1,600); Tahiti is closest, Bora Bora farthest

Guadeloupe - France meets The Caribbean
Beaches, laid-back authentic vibe, seclusion & adventure (rainforests, volcanoes)
7 hour flight from NYC ($800)

Hawaii - An island for everyone
Beaches, adventure, culture & food
11 hours from NYC ($600)

Maldives - Dreamy and Jet-lagged
Beaches, seclusion, exotic & adventure (scuba, snorkel, jungle)
11 hour flight from London! ($1,900)

Mexico - Two coasts of fun
Culture, adventure & beaches
3.5 hour flight to Cancun ($320), 7 hour to Puerto Vallarta ($530) from NYC

Puerto Rico - No passport required
Culture, adventure, beaches & nightlife
4 hour flight from NYC ($300)

Vieques, Puerto Rico - Unspoiled and Wild

Seychelles - Nirvana
Beaches, scenery, seclusion
Insane flight time

St. Vincent & The Grenadines - Natural Glamour
Best beaches, seclusion, adventure (volcanoes, snorkeling)
8 hour flight from NYC

St. Lucia - Exotic on a budget
Beaches, adventure (volcanoes & rainforest)
7 hour flight from NYC ($700)

Turks & Caicos - Upscale seclusion
Underwater sights, best beaches (highly-rated Grace Bay) & culture
4 hour flight from NYC ($550)

Any destinations jumping out at you? Would you trade a day of travel time for a gloriously exotic location?


  1. I must confess I got a wee bit of a thrill at the mention of St. Vincent since that's my country of origin. Woo hoo SVG!

  2. Really? That's awesome! Any general recommendations?

  3. Omgosh I fell in LOVE with Turks & Caicos when we were looking. You could book through Sandals/Beaches and save a ton on their all-inclusive packages (if you book with them through the IDo Foundation, a portion of your trip also gets donated to charity). We ended up choosing the Cayman Islands, though.

  4. Places I like are: Young Island which is like an island within the main island. Mustique is sooo pretty. I've been wanting to rent a villa on Mustique for years. Bequia is good for boating. If you stay on St. Vincent you can take day trips to the other islands which is nice.