Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sweetest Favor

One of the easiest decisions we've had to make is wedding favors. Because we've gotta guy... A Swiss chocolatier to be more precise! Mr. P's mom worked with Neuchatel years ago. But the confection connection doesn't end there. His brother, a NY chef and caterer, orders custom truffles infused with a favorite spirit, usually scotch. Whooo - those things are potent!

Someone went to Neuchatel!

I wonder what's inside...

Mr. P introduced me to the fan-frickin'-tastic chocolates by way of their chocolate covered potato chips. Yes, salty and sweet in one snack! They're like a drug, a very delicious drug. The chocolate is imported from Switzerland, the oh so delicious cream comes from the cows in nearby Oxford and the potato chips are sourced from the Herr's factory down the road.

Just a pound of chocolate!! Nom nom nom

The only retail location is a short drive through the rolling Pennsylvania countryside. It's just far enough away for us to make it up for holidays and special occasions... like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, boat trips, my birthday and sometimes just because. Lucky family members receive boxes of truffles, Swiss chips and seasonal stollen. (And an extra container of Swiss chips for me... for the drive home.) I've likened visiting Albert at Neuchatel to going to the North Pole to see Santa. He's always so jolly, possibly from all the liquor infused truffles?

The spread. Organized by flavor and type.
One guess which one of us did this.

Back row: gianduja, triple chocolate, sea salt caramel.
Middle: dark chocolate, scotch, peanut butter egg.
Front row: milk chocolate apricot and ginger, dark chocolate pineapple, pecan turtle.

So choosing chocolate truffles from Neuchatel as our wedding favors was automatic -- not even a discussion was involved. For the quality of the chocolate and inclusion of packaging, you cannot beat $3/favor. Two truffles (milk and dark chocolate champagne) come with each box, but I think we'll ask our family friend if we can mix it up.

The aforementioned Scotch truffles.
My nose burns just thinking about them.

And my favorite, gianduja (hazelnut). To DIE for!

(all personal photos)

Are you doing favors? If so, what type of favor are you thinking of?
And what chocolate flavors would you love to receive??

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