Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wait a minute Mr. Postman!


Attention all brides who've not yet mailed invites!

On April 17th, postage rates will change. And they're not going down. Anything more than the standard 1 ounce letter will cost an additional 3 cents/ounce, which equates to an extra $3.00 minimum if you're mailing 100 invites. Be careful with those heavy invitations!

Brides sending out postcard STDs or RSVPS also take note: stamp prices for those items will go up 1 cent (to 29 cents). So just a mere dollar if you're sticking with the above example.

Canada and Mexico will run you 80 cents; all other international mail is still 98 cents.

Forever stamps are always an option, but the Liberty Bell doesn't ring my bell.

Would you push your invitation "release date" to save money on postage? Any anti-procrastination tips for this bride? (I really need to get crackin'!)


  1. Boo hiss! I would do it to save money but I can't send out invites in April for a November wedding. Curses!

  2. Buy forever stamps! Then you don't have to worry about it.

  3. Buy forever stamps now!

  4. I'm not really wild about the Forever stamp design (although geographically appropriate). And I just can't shell out the extra for custom stamps, whether through the USPS or zazzle.