Monday, January 3, 2011

That boat has set sail...

The engagement session I wish we could have had!


As much as we would have enjoyed a sailboat/marina e-session, asking our photographer to travel 3 hours to the home marina wasn't in the cards. And the boat had already been pulled out of the water ("on the hard") in late October so we wouldn't have gotten the desired shots anyway! (Here's a look back at our pictures.)

Mr. P has enjoyed many seasons sailing while I'm just getting started. Our last sailing trip of 2010 with his brother and girlfriend:

Mr. P up in the bosun's chair fixing a light. Eeee!

Snapping an iPhone picture.
Hold on tight to that phone - it's a long drop!

The result of the previous picture. I'm the tiny speck (top, center).
Relaxing underway

That's a margarita!
Sunset in the cove

Grilling with a flashlight
Crabbing off the boat

Doesn't get any fresher than this!

What hobbies do you and your love share? Did you find a way to incorporate them into your engagement shoot?

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