Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Levels of awesomeness

Our engagement photos are here! Early!! (Dogs are howling and our wine glasses just shattered - I may need to calm down.) After the shoot, I left wondering what level of awesomeness the photos would be. We had a great location and photographer, but would we screw them up? I was convinced I'd have my eyes closed in a third of them and Mr. P would look painfully uncomfortable. Happy to report that on a scale of 1-10, this one goes to 11!


As much as I'd like to keep the location of our amazing photo shoot a secret, I feel that it's my bridal obligation to spills the beans so everyone else can visit too! Drumroll, please...

Terrain at Styer's.

They pulled through for us in a BIG way last minute. And it was FREE! (Nothing is free anymore. Anything this cool, that is.) The awful thunderstorms were a blessing in disguise, forcing us to scrap our outdoor shoot in favor of Terrain, which offered indoor and covered outdoor spots. And the rain kept everyone else home - it was just us and the Terrain folks!

Okay, I've delayed enough. Our wonderfully cool photographer, Heather Fowler, posted a preview on her blog and was kind enough to supplement those shots with some of our personal favorites!

One of the very first photos. (Insert nervous laughter here.)

Our American Gothic

Laughing because raindrops were plinking us in the head...
and my false eyelashes and Mr. P's jeans.
(If you look closely, you can see a splat on his knee.)

There are quite a few of me glancing at him.
What?! I had to make sure he was smiling!

Super sweetness. Also, look - sunshine!

My (face) cheeks were starting to ache from so much giggling.
(Sitting on Heather's raincoat to keep our bums dry.)

Cracking ourselves up. What you don't see is Mr. P pinching
my rear to make me laugh so he would laugh.

Going in for the kill.

Heather: Okay, let's do a serious one.
... as I absolutely explode with laughter when I see him... making THAT face.
(This one we framed; I grin every time I see it.)

Muchas smoochas!

Trying not to topple over! (Mr. P says, "Weebles may wobble but they won't fall down.")

And we end with this one of Mr. P pulling me close, just before he tried to dip me.

And just for the continuity nuts, did you notice hair transform from stick straight to wavy (thanks humidity and random raindrops)? We really enjoyed our shoot with Heather. Mr. P is more comfortable with having his picture taken, which was partly why we did this. That and to have some kick-ass pictures at the end of it. To top off the evening, we reserved a table at the BYOB cafe. Pretty much a perfect day.

Will you have an engagement shoot? If you did one, do you now feel more comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera?

(All images by Heather Fowler and reposted with her permission.)

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