Monday, November 22, 2010

I Heart Paper Art

Collages by Helen Musselwhite

Probably the easiest to attempt out of everything on this page, but I'm not fooling myself. It's still hard. And time consuming.

Intricate cut work by Aoyama Hina

My hands cramp just looking at it. (The X-Acto knife was not my friend freshman or sophomore year. I would liken one of my professors to a spin class instructor. Brutal.)

(Uhm, gorgeous!)

Can I get this with his/our future initial please??
Paper curl art by Yulia. Her work is my absolute favorite.

Real Simple's paper constructionist: Matt Sporzynski

Both Real Simple

Even my iGoogle homepage is paper (Martha Stewart)!

Which leads me to...
... this fabulous paper flower backdrop for a wedding ceremony featured on Style Me Pretty. How awesome would this be for a photobooth background?

What is your inspiration?


  1. love this post! real simple magazine has great paper art :)