Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goldilocks of wedding gowns

Whose been wearing my wedding gown? Uhm, no one, that's who! *

One of the inherent problems with choosing an uncommon wedding dress is you don't have the benefit of seeing it on other brides. Everyone has different taste but seeing how other women accessorize it is oh so helpful. I'm talking about the veil, shoes, hairstyle, jewelry, makeup and more. I'm visual (and a planner) so naturally I googled all the possible name combos to find photos of this elusive gown. Here's what I found:

Store windows at a California PoB

Lucked onto this photo shoot. However, the model must be a good half foot shorter than me because of the amount of skirt dragging the ground. Still looks lovely!

The bridal attendants at PoB explained that this dress garnered quite a bit of attention during the national ad campaign, but was not available in stores until several months later... After it had fallen out of the the collective consciousness. I was actually the first bride they'd seen the dress on. My consultant felt it would take a very specific set of conditions for a bride to choose this gown. Tall, but not too tall. Non-traditional looking for a bit of whimsy. Texture-loving, bedazzle be-gone kind of girl.

Was your dress more or less common? What was the most difficult piece to accessorize?

Typed this out on my iPhone. It took awhile but I did it!

* 11/25/10 - Update! I haven't read the blogs this week, so even though this went up on Monday, it was news to me. (Just in time for our engage-iversary!) Style Me Pretty featured a wedding with MY DRESS! I gasped a little and went silent. Could it be? Is that my dress?! I am so bookmarking this wedding for inspiration. Take a look!

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  1. My dress is very very similar to yours. :) I've found a few photos on weddingbee of other brides wearing it, but that's really it!