Monday, November 29, 2010

We need a wedding

Our holiday weekend in New Jersey was meant to end on Friday morning, but it's late Monday night and we're just now returning. Tragedy struck Thanksgiving night. Mr. P's grandfather suffered a fatal heart attack, which we unfortunately (and fortunately) witnessed. This is the third Thanksgiving in a row that we have spent in mourning. (It's the fourth death in 3 years for the family.) I'm beginning to think there is a black cloud over the holiday and our engagement.

To say we are exhausted is putting it lightly.

Over the last six days, we have made the 2.5 hour trip 4 times, packed twice, spent countless hours driving from house to house, braved Black Friday shopping to find clothes for his grandfather, ate 2 Thanksgiving dinners and 3 more "feast" meals, briefly slept in our own bed, and had zero downtime. I'm so turned around I've lost track of what day it is.

We are sad to have lost Mr. P's grandfather, but are at peace knowing he lived a long 93 years that spanned the Great Depression, his service in WWII and a lifetime in a north Jersey community where he and his wife raised their 2 daughters and were blessed with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He had just spent Thanksgiving dinner with his entire family, where his wife was on his mind. She passed almost a year ago to the day. We are comforted that they are united again.

While our hearts are heavy now, the family looks into the coming year knowing it will bring a joyous occasion - our wedding. The refrain over the past year has been, "We really need a wedding." Reuniting under happier circumstances is pulling us through.

(I assembled a slideshow of his grandfather's life that was displayed at the viewings and private family events that followed. Everyone loved it; I like to think it served as a lovely way to remember and celebrate him. Mr. P and I are thankful for the weekend last month spent listening to and recording his stories while archiving his life in photos.)

Their Wedding in 1941

Their 50th wedding anniversary, circa 1992

Christmas 1985 with grandchildren
(all family photos)

How did/do you plan to your honor loved ones who have passed on?

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  1. oh no i'm so sorry.

    while all the men in the groom party wore pink ranunculus boutonnieres, my father wore a yellow rose to honor his 2 brothers who passed away from cancer, and a purple felt heart for my grandmother who recently passed. i wore a gardenia in my hair for her too, it was her favorite flower and my florist made her a "corsage" that we could put on her grave.

    anything you do, whether public or private, will be special :)