Friday, November 19, 2010

Something in the water

With almost 2 full years of engagements and weddings, our circle of friends and family averages a wedding every 2.3 months. We're in the middle of the celebrations: 6 down, 4 to go. It's a lot of showers, cards, gifts and vacation time. When I bring this up with anyone in outside of my generation, there is no sympathy. Instead, it's a "been there done that" attitude and a variety of explanations:

1. It's cyclical. What does that even mean? We're not cicadas.
2. Everyone is the same age so of course they'll do the same things at the same time. This is so not the case! The age range of these couples runs from 24-50. We have friends that are far older who haven't begun to think of settling down and younger friends with several children. When you get married has little to do with age and more about where you are as a person. Sorry, I just don't like sweeping generalizations...
3. You're just more aware of it since you're getting married. Also crap. Looking back over the last 10 years, it's been one wedding (at most) a year -- not every 2 months.

All together now

Here's the timeline breakdown!

Winter: D & T

Summer: G & J, our plumbing contractor
Fall: M & K, our general contractor
Winter: P & M

Summer: N & D, Brian and Nicolette, K & J
Fall: B & L

Look!! Three weddings in the summer of next year, including ours. I dare you to tell me I'm dreaming this up. But, you know what the neat thing is about all these celebrations is? None of them are the same. Each one is a reflection of the couple in location, spirit and so much more.

Have you noticed a string of engagements among your friends/family/co-workers? Or are they more spread out?

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  1. i have 6 weddings next year, all on the other side of the country! tis the season :)