Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shoe kismet

Aside from keeping my feet happy and having some style, I don't have too many requirements of my shoes. Why would my wedding shoes be any different? I am not one to suffer for fashion. My high arches turn even sneakers into torture after awhile. While I love my stilettos, they are not comfortable for all-day wear, especially when showing house after house or trekking across lawns. My favorite shoes are kitten heels and flats. They're my go-to styles for sophisticated comfort that lasts all day. (I sound like an orthopedic shoe ad...)


Before I even found my dress, I knew I'd wear flats. For so many reasons.
1. Every gown was the perfect length - no hemming required. If I wore heels, I'd have to order (i.e. pay for) extra length. Less alterations = less money = happy.
2. Comfort is king. The reception is 5 hours with 3 additional hours on each side of it. I do not want nurse sore tootsies in the middle of our reception.
3. I'm tall. Taller than Brian (shhh!)... by about a half inch. With heels, I'm over 6' tall. Neither of us care about the height difference. In fact, Brian finds it sexy. And I love that he enjoys when I wear heels. I just don't want to tower over him in our wedding photos.
4. Practicality. The I Do's are outside. On grass, flagstone paths and patios.
5. I'm clumsy. Seriously, I trip up the stairs. It takes great concentration not to face-plant some days. Let's not add heels and a long dress to the mix.
6. Comfort, because I'm stubborn.

Still, I found myself lusting after impractical footwear!

Prepster pleats

Very popular heart lovelies (hello blisters!)

Oh, Camille!
(via SMP)

And then I saw these online. Instantly smitten!

via SMP

Flats with personality and a beautiful neutral metallic with plenty of wear again potential!? And!! The best part: they fit the style of my dress. I tracked them down only to discover they were more than I wanted to spend. Yes, I know $80 is a pittance in wedding shoe world. But it's still a lot of money.


Several months later, when the shoes were a distant memory, I had my shoe kismet moment. A friend and I were on the prowl at DSW, scouring the aisles. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but leather boots and flats with some support (near impossible, btw) seemed like a good goal. As usual, the shoes I liked were gone in my giant, bug-squishing shoe size 10. Back to the clearance racks where the garish, odd or otherwise hooker shoes live. I think I let out a yelp when I slid open the Seychelles box to find my flats! In my size and color! 60% off. Shoe serendipity!

So, until it's time to break them in, they'll stay tucked away just out of reach in my closet. (If you see me wearing them out, please scold me before I scuff them.)

I love a good shopping story! Please tell me how you found your wedding shoes? Did you have an odd assortment of criteria too?

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  1. I have the same pair of Seychelles, and they are so adorable! They are very comfortable, and I wore them for my engagement shoot. The best thing is that you can continue to wear them all summer long. I had considered getting a second pair in light pink for the wedding but decided to get a more neutral pair of shoes to match my multiple dresses (very cultural wedding).