Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boy Band

So what about Mr. P's ring? After all, he is getting married too.


Much to my surprise, there are a lot of options out there for men's bands. Gone are the days of a simple domed band in gold or white gold, satin or polished finish. The nuances in options is a little staggering. A friend summed it up well, "Men don't wear jewelry, so it makes sense they're going to be picky about it." Giving them lots of options ensures they get a ring they're happy to wear.

I was surprised by the number of men's bands in the cases at the store. Unlike me, Mr. P wasn't fazed my the magnitude of rings and was able to point out a few he liked. He hadn't done much pre-shopping but had a sense of what he wanted to try on. No diamonds, nothing trendy and nothing expensive.

Joel pulled his choices from the case. Mr. P reached for the first one and wriggled it on. He extended his hand to study it. And I started giggling. It came out of nowhere. It wasn't nervous laughter. I'd never seen him wear any jewelry and it just looked funny, in a good way. Half realization that he's excited and taking an active role in this and the rest realizing the weight of what we were doing. My laughter was contagious; soon Joel and Mr. P were chuckling. Joel said that was the best reaction he'd seen. (And that's what I'm talking about when I say we want to go into things without expectations. You feel what you feel; nothing's wrong or right.)

Mr. P felt the Scott Kay Cobalt rings were too clunky and thick. Others were just too macho for him (screw heads, chains, tire tread, diamond plating). He liked the cheap (read: $100) titanium bands but any scratches/dings would be permanent. His favorite? A simple brushed band with beveled, polished comfort edge. And it comes in palladium.


I kept quiet while he was choosing; I didn't want to influence his choice. None of them were objectionable anyway. The ring he picked was the one I preferred more than the others. He did it in under 20 minutes too. Hey, at least one of us found a ring!

Did you go ring shopping together? If so, did your spouse decide without your help or were you asked to weigh in?

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