Monday, November 15, 2010


I think that's what I'm going to feel after my first yoga class tonight.

That's me.

It's something I've wanted to start for over a year and just never found the right combination of motivation, time, and people. I'm not a Y or gym membership kinda girl. The whole gym thing intimidates me, which is odd considering how athletic I was in high school. But that was 10 years ago!

Wedding and life stress is sure to pile up as we near the six month mark. Old coping methods are out. I'm looking at you alcohol. My body is woefully out of condition. A desk job will do that to you. Each year of office work has brought a new cracking joint: fingers, shoulders, ankle, knees, and this year... my neck. Not good! The Quasimodo stress knot in my left shoulder isn't shrinking either. So yoga seems like a sensible way to get rid of stress, tone up and teach me to breathe. (In honor of this post, I've added a new tag: exercise. Now I'm committed.)

Tree Pose

BM R prodded me to join her tonight at beginner's yoga. Hopefully she won't regret it. I'm having visions of Tree Pose gone awry as I fall like a large Redwood into my neighbors.

What new activities did you start to deal with stress and "body maintenance" during planning?

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  1. Exercising really helps me work through some wedding stress. I swear I would go crazy if I didn't exercise!!

    However, a nice run on the treadmill + glass of wine later = CALM :)