Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bridesmaid Revisited

Quick recap: The 'maids and I thought their gowns were all set when we walked out of the doors at Priscilla. They'd been measured, gave their contact information, approved the color and even agreed on the same gown (save for a small difference in the skirt). Then I received an email that changed all of that.

Things happen for a reason. I wasn't feeling the first choice so this setback wasn't actually a bad thing. It gave me a chance to regain control of the creative direction. (That sounds awful, but true.) I knew what gown to order. It was an early favorite that wasn't given strong enough consideration. I didn't speak up even though it was my favorite... Making sure everyone was happy was more important. Lesson learned. Now that we were on the same page, I had their blessing to pick the back-up:

PB 415

In canary yellow (not cobalt). I had to use my imagination at the store. None of the samples came in canary. All I had to go on was a 2x2 swatch. The specific color didn't matter much. As long as it's yellow, I think we're okay.


So this is canary, just not on their dress. You'll have to use your imagination too -- until the dresses come in.

Did you change your mind about the bridesmaid dress or color?

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  1. Love the dresses... and love the color!

    I didn't change my mind about color but I did make an impulse decision and now I feel like i should have just let my brides pick their own dresses. Sigh.