Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Un-Registry: China

A half century ago, a forward-thinking family member with great taste picked out a modern white and platinum banded pattern that we inherited. We have been saved from the frustration of hours spent shopping (and inevitably compromising) on a fine china pattern! It's actually very close to what we would have picked out. The tailored bands appeal to my graphic design sensibilities and the bright white color allows the food to speak for itself (something we feel strongly about). The upside is that it's simple enough to dress up with a second pattern or colored plate should we decide to get a little wild and crazy.

(source: 1 & 2)

The inherited china is actually a mix of two patterns: Harmony House Silver Rhapsody & Moderne. The only pieces we didn't hold onto were donated because they didn't fit our lifestyle: coffee cups and saucers. Only one of us actually drinks coffee and if guests are staying at our house late enough for coffee, then they're relaxed enough to sip out of our fun, everyday mugs. (That and our townhouse doesn't have the storage space!)

Looking for everyday china that we won’t get sick of? That is another story!

What is your pattern? Did you forgo tradition and skip registering for fine china?


  1. We didn't register for china either, we registered for "fine every day dinnerware". It's really cute!

    We never used china growing up. China breaks easily. My fiance's mom has like, 5 sets of china. I told him to tell her that if she ever decides to downsize and get rid of it, we will take it. This way, it stays in the family and we don't have to register for something we will rarely use.

  2. We also picked dinnerware that was a little nicer than everyday. I'm stupidly excited about it: surprised how much abuse they can withstand as well as the lightweight and how tightly they stack.