Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NYC weekend

This past weekend Mr. P and I ran up to northern NJ to see his brother for his birthday. Any visit there isn't complete without popping into the The City. Oh yes! *excited dance* With six hours to kill before our dinner reservation, the below freezing and windy weather didn't slow us down one bit.

Sight-seeing from the High Line doubled as our diversionary route between destinations: Eataly and the Chelsea Market. It's a much better way to walk the city! No waiting at lights and a lot less people, all like-minded cold weather wanderers.

Looking toward 18th St. entrance

Fantastic architecture: IAC Building

Sunset over the Hudson River from our vantage point on the High Line

Ice skating in Chelsea

Walking the Line

Pathway winding under The Standard

Glowing from within (IAC Building)

Even though I got out of town and away from wedding planning, I couldn't escape wedding brain. It followed me into Anthropologie!

Now that's a train!

Window inside Chelsea Market (another train, really?!)

Liking this as an idea for garlands! Cheap and colorful!!

Remember these from the champagne glasses post?

Suh-weetness. Calling all ladies with a bird theme!

Numbed from the cold, we warmed up with drinks...

Free wine tasting? I'm in! (swishing)

We found a bar with a fireplace. And parked it.

Wait, wasn't I just drinking wine?

The girls: girlfriend A, FMIL & me

Getting goofy at Tia Pol

Hey, the camera wants your attention.

Yes, m'dear?

How do you spend your wedding-free weekends? Do thoughts of the wedding sneak in anyway??

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