Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Color Forecasting

And the color for 2011 is...

(not what I picture when I think of the fragrant yellow and white flowering vine)

When I saw Pantone had announced their Color of the Year, I may have geeked out a little. You see, I majored in graphic design in college. Pantone was our color bible and there were always piles of these swatch books laying around.


Although I'm out of the design loop now, my creative side wistfully keeps tabs on news and trends in the industry. Until I rejoin the design community, wedding planning serves as my creative outlet.

For my fellow brides, here's the Spring 2011 color report for women's fashion. Are you using any of these colors for your wedding? Silver Cloud (light grey) and Silver Peony (pale pink) are enjoying quite a bit of popularity as a pair. Are you surprised I'm digging the deep yellow Beeswax?


(And I'm barely able to keep these mugs off our registry. We have enough cups and I can't drink coffee or tea!)

Do you follow color trends? What's your go-to source for inspiration?


  1. OOOO, all of those colors are so pretty! Sometimes, I swear, looking at the pantone swatches overwhelms with! lol. We've kept it "simple" with black and white. :-)

    And that's so fun you were a graphic design major in school! Part of me wishes I would have done something like that! What do you do now?