Thursday, January 20, 2011

She's here! (unwrapped)

Someone get me an implement of destruction

9.5 pounds of ivory awesomeness!

Digging through the layers

Here she comes!


Phone buzzes... incoming text from BM R

Front of the dress

Back of the dress

A bride's perspective

Can't wait to try her on!

Texture texture texture

She needs a steam but everything looks great.

Rosette details

Did you obsess over your gown this much when it arrived?


  1. Sooo pretty!! How exciting for you! I'd probably be shrieking so loud my neighbors would file a noise complaint.

  2. So pretty!!!! I can't wait to see photos of you in it!

  3. Your dress is so gorgeous :) :) :) I always remember your dress because you're a "rosette" bride like me! I can't wait to see what accessories you choose.

    BTW--I think you followed my old blog ( sure if you're following the new blog. You can see the address in my profile.

  4. Laura: added your new blog to my list!

    Miss Tattoo: Shhh, don't tell anyone... but there are a few hidden pics of me in it in a recent post. ;)

    k: I was in quiet awe. No shrieking because that would've brought him running. I think there will be lots of excited noise once I get her on!

  5. your dress is absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Thank you! I'm kinda partial. ;)