Friday, January 7, 2011


Looking at budget spreadsheet may cause: stomach pains, dizziness due to hyperventilation, tightness in chest, stress headache, urge to curl into fetal position, whining, and possibly a hangover. The severity of your hangover will depend on the severity of previous evening's symptoms.

(I'm getting a lot of mileage out of these old family photos. [circa 1983])

It started out innocently enough. We needed to know if we could "bust" our honeymoon budget for a dream destination (more on that later). A quick look at the GoogleDocs spreadsheet revealed a few boo-boo's by yours truly, math idiot extraordinaire. Since I made the mistake, it didn't make sense for me to "fix" it. Mr. P took over, waved a masculine magic wand and tamed the budget beast.

Wonder of wonders, the bottom line is back in black. (Oh, yeh.) We still have to finance the honeymoon, save for incidentals and tips, and figure out lighting, but that's not such a bad place to be 5 months out!

(The new spreadsheet has a new name - T.F.B. ... because that's what it is.)

Anyone else battling an ugly budget? How do you keep track of costs and paid invoices?

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  1. That cursed budget! I have a budget spreadsheet and a spending spreadsheet. I also use the budget and expense tools on wedding wire.